Teotihuacan: Shadow of Xitle Expansion

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The devastating force of the eruption of Xitle completely buried and destroyed Cuicuilco and Copilco, both significant civic and religious cities. The survivors have scattered across Mesoamerica, many settling in and around Teotihuacan. The rapid infusion results in accelerated growth of Teotihuacan and leads to the adoption of new technologies as Teotihuacan establishes itself as a seat of power in the region.

Shadow of Xitle allows experienced Teotihuacan players to experiment with new setups and technologies. This expansion is fully compatible with the base game, the Late Preclassic Period expansion, and the solo mode.

  • 10 Technology Tiles
  • 10 Starting Tiles
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Trismegistus Promotional Tile



Age                        12+

No. Players           1 - 4

Time                      90 - 120 mins

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