Hawker Wars: The Card Game


From the creators of Singapore's best-selling card game, The Singaporean Dream, comes Hawker Wars, a local card game that celebrates our beloved hawker culture and food!

Hawker Wars is a fun and interactive party game that lets you compete to cook some of Singapore’s most iconic Hawker Dishes.

How to play:

Box includes:

  • 104 hand-drawn cards (4 Hawker Cards, 53 Ingredient Cards, 17 Dish Cards, 25 Action Cards, 5 Event Cards. Size of cards: 64mm x 90mm)
  • 1 Instruction sheet
  • 1 Black Market card

Card Sleeves Pack include 105 CLEAR Card Sleeves



Age                        10+

No. Players           2 - 4

Time                      15 - 20 mins

Card Size               64mm x 90mm

Extra                       FAQ

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