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Darwin’s Journey Bundle

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Retracing Darwin’s journey to the Galapagos

With this bundle, you can get ahold of the game, the Fireland Expansion, and all the mini-expansions and accessories released. Quantities are limited. Make sure to get it today and complete your collection!

The game lasts 5 rounds, and with several short and long-term objectives, every action you take will grant victory points in different ways. The tension and strategic planning that increases over the duration of the match and the fascinating vibe that the game conveys make Darwin’s Journey one of the most ambitious projects that Thundergryph has crafted in its story as a board game publisher.

Darwin’s Journey is a worker placement euro game where players recall Charles Darwin’s memories of his adventure through the Galapagos islands, which contributed to the development of his theory of evolution. With an innovative worker progression system, each worker will have to study the disciplines that are a prerequisite to perform several actions in the game, such as exploration, correspondence, and discovering specimens in order to contribute to the human knowledge of biology.

This bundle includes:

Darwin’s Journey - Base Game

Darwin’s Journey: Fireland

Darwin’s Journey: Pirates mini-expansion

The Treasures will be adding a new mechanism to the Tent spaces on the islands. Players will be able to get 3 coins by taking a Treasure, but the coin penalty for the Pirate Ship will increase with the more treasures you have.

There is no Pirate Ship without its Crew! This expansion also introduces new Crew cards with interesting abilities.


  • 1 Wooden Pirate Ship
  • 4 Crew cards
  • 9 Treasure tokens
  • 1 Special Action tile

Darwin’s Journey: Animal mini-expansion

Darwin’s Journey: Darwin mini-expansion

This mini-expansion includes Darwin’s Crew card and a Special Action that allows you to unlock Darwin’s pawn which is used just for a single turn and acts as a worker with 6 purple Wax Seals and the Golden distinction.


  • Darwin special worker meeple
  • Darwin Special action
  • Darwin Crew card

Darwin’s Journey: Great Ship mini-expansion

Created by Simone Luciani and Nestore Mangone, this mini-expansion is composed of 11 Great Ship cards. Each player will draft one in reverse turn order during setup and these cards will grant very powerful ongoing asymmetric abilities to the players!


  • 11 Great Ships cards

Darwin’s Journey: Falmouth Port mini-expansion

The Falmouth expansion adds a new mechanism to the game where players can redeem the Special Ship pieces and the Horses by completing Objective tiles.

The Special Ship will replace one of your Ships in the Ocean track and the Horse will replace one of your Explorers.

When unlocking one of the special pieces, you will have to place a roof over the corresponding space. One shows a Correspondence Action and the other one an Academy Action. When performing one of the actions depicted on the corresponding Roof tile, you will be able to advance 1-4 spaces with your Special Ship or Horse by paying 1-4 coins. You will gain the bonus action once you finish the advancement..


  • 4 Falmouth port personal boards
  • 8 Roof tiles
  • 4 Wooden Special Ships
  • 4 Wooden Horses

Darwin’s Journey: Scenarios mini-expansion

Each Scenario card provides the players with a crafted game experience. Instead of randomly choosing components during setup, players will use specifically designed sets of components that will lead the experience in a particular direction.

This mini-expansion is only in English and includes all the KS special goals unlocked for the base game.


  • 4 Beagle Goal tiles
  • 3 Special Action tiles
  • 4 Crew cards
  • 4 Scenario cards
  • 4 Objective tiles (2 silver, 2 golden)


Age                        14+

No. Players           1 - 4

Time                     30+ mins

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