Alien Frontiers Factions: Definitive Edition

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Now that the potential of this new alien frontier has been realized, powerful factions have begun vying for control over the new frontier!

For the first time, this Definitive Edition of Factions includes all the factions and cards from the original expansion as well as all of the content from the Faction Packs and Expansion Packs - all in one box.

The frontier awaits, citizen - your faction needs you!


  • 43 Agenda Cards
  • 36 Alien Tech Cards
  • 1 Rev Miniature
  • 14 Faction Boards
  • 1 Faction Guide
  • 1 Brethren of the Stars Die

This is an expansion. The Alien Frontiers core box is required to play.


Age                        14+

No. Players           2 - 4

Time                      60 mins

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