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Word-A-Melon is the family-fun word search game where players take turns rolling the die, flipping the cardboard letter chips and creating words with the overturned letters. Unused letters are flipped back over so players must be sure to use their melon to remember where they are! The player with the most chips wins the game!

How to Play WordAMelon

Start by taking out the watermelon slice and placing all the tiles facedown in the tray. You will have 4 extra tiles that stay out of play. For an easier game, set aside J, Q, X, Z for a harder game put aside A, E, S and T.

Youngest player goes first and rolls the die to determine how many letters to flip over. Players take turns flipping letter seeds and creating words. Unused letters get flipped back over, so players should be sure to use their melon! Remembering where the letters are can win sweet victory! The player with the most letter seeds wins the game!


  • 60 Letter Seeds
  • 1 Game Die
  • Folding Game Tray
  • Instructions


Age                        6+

No. Players           2 - 4

Time                      15 mins

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