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Toys and Games from TOYTAG

As cliché as it sounds, Toy Tag started out as an idea. An idea to house the best, most awesome toys and games and everything else fun, all under one roof. It’s tiring to scour all over for these items in their respective categories, you know. Be it the most cutting-edge gadgetry, the most delightful kid toy, the most stimulating educational game or the most tactical board games, we wanted them all available at one pit stop: which is TOYTAG as you know today. 

Your products are awesome! How do you source for them? 

The products that we carry undergo a STRINGENT testing process involving chemical reactions, lab coats and maybe a few explosions.

We’re kidding, but we do scour the world over (and we think we’re pretty thorough) for the hottest new products, and if they’re awesome enough, you’ll see it at TOYTAG! Sometimes, our lovely customers such as yourself are also kind enough to notify us of these products. <3

In addition, we won’t forget ‘old’ (they NEVER get old truthfully), tried and tested classics as well. It’s all, well, Play, at its Finest!

WHUT!? You operate both online and retail?

Ahhh. You love shopping online; nothing beats kicking back over the couch on your laptop, browsing through some of the hottest new arrivals at

But there comes an item that you’d really really like to see and check out in person before buying. Bummer! And wait, all these products look too darn good… WHICH SHOULD I GET FOR that birthday gift??

That’s why at TOYTAG, we operate both online and retail; we invite you to visit our retail store, where you can get a look and hands-on feel at the products you love! What's more, have our knowledgeable toy coaches teach you that new game you’ve bought but are clueless about, or have them recommend you a game for that party you’re going to next weekend. Either way, we guarantee that your visit to TOYTAG will be a fun-filled and enjoyable experience.


Beyond all this, our vision is to inspire a culture of creativity and innovation, all by allowing people to rediscover the fun in toys. In all seriousness, lives can become a mindless routine of all work and no play; and where’s the fun in that? That’s where we really hope to make a difference: by injecting fun back into every facet of your lives. It worked wonders for us, and we hope to do the same for all you guys out there. That’s our ultimate goal.

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