pi-top PULSE


pi-topPULSE brings the arts into STEAM. You’ll be able to code your own games, create music and lightshows. Answer any questions you might have using pi-topPULSE with Amazon Alexa.

Amazon's Cloud-based Voice Service

Just ask Alexa when you are stuck learning coding concepts or you want to check the weather.

Purpose Built Python Library

The pi‑top team created a Python library in order to easily allow advanced interactions with pi‑topPULSE.


Integrated With Sonic Pi

Use Sonic Pi music coding software with the pi‑topPULSE.

Open Source Software on GitHub

The pi‑top community can engage in improving the software behind it.




  • 7x7 grid, illuminated speaker, underside ambient
  • HAT and pi-top accessory compatible


  • 2W with I2S amplifier


  • 200Hz to 11KHz response Automatic Gain Control (ACG)



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