Bucket of Doom

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Adult Party Game

Do you think you are a death dodging, fate weaving, quick minded individual? If you or your friends are, then take up the challenge for Bucket of Doom! The non-family friendly party game which sees you trying to get out of the worst situations with only one random object.

The game is played by turning a random Doom card per turn and then reading it to the group, then in turn order, each person chooses 1 of the 8 double-sided cards and with the object stated, come up with a way to get out of the said problem. After which, everybody simultaneously points at the person who they think has the best escape plan.

A fast, creative game that comes with roars of laughter with a hint of the explicit. Take up the challenge and get your own BUCKET OF DOOM.




Age                        17+

No. Players           4-20


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