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Zombicide S2 Prison Outbreak

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The follow up to the hit boardgame of 2012 featuring more Zombicide action!

In Zombicide: Prison Outbreak, six Survivors from various backgrounds battle to purge a zombie-filled prison and transform it into a shelter. Players take the role of a Survivor, each with unique abilities, and harness both their skills and the power of teamwork against the masses of unthinking, blood craving zombies! Unfortunately for you, there are a lot more zombies than you have bullets. Players must constantly balance survival and zombie slaughter; as you commit zombicide, the "Danger level" is going up and infected are growing in numbers. Make the wrong move, and your whole group could die. To succeed, you’ll have to go toe-to-toe with the bloodthirsty Berserker Zombies, who are immune to ranged weapons. The battle against the undead is about to become very personal and really dirty.

Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak is a collaborative game for 1 to 6 players, ages 13 and up. A game can last for 30mn (beginner board) to 4 hours (expert board).

Each player controls between one (for 6 players) and six (solo game) survivors of different backgrounds and origins, all battling zombies in a prison and its surrounding areas. Through the missions featured in the game, your team tries to clean out the prison and make it into a safe haven. Good luck – you’re going to need it.

Survivors must accomplish specific goals while constantly battling zombies and gaining new skills in the process. Be careful, however: the Danger Level rises with your experience, and the more zombies you kill, the more zombies come for you. In the end, swarms of zombies block your path to victory. Luckily, you have the will and the weapons to kill them all!

Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak is designed both as a stand-alone game for new players and an expansion for Season 1 owners. It’s a fast-paced, fun, and easy-to-learn game with action movie characters and themes. Your team must develop innovative tactics to find the balance between survival against all odds and furious zombie hunting. Cooperation and friendship are your best tools to achieve victory. Engage in a Zombicide with your family and friends!


  • 90 Highly-Detailed Plastic Miniatures
  • 149 Mini-Cards
  • Double-Sided Gaming tiles
  • Dice
  • Survivor Identity Cards
  • 110 Tokens
  • Rulebook



Age                        14+ years

No. Players            1 - 6 

Time                      60 mins

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