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Zombicide: Black Plague – Chauncey & Beauregard

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Brave Sir Chauncey is a brave knight, not afraid to get his gloves dirty or his sword bloody. Indeed, someone would say he enjoys it. Sir John is known for being the first into any battle and the last to leave, the most violent of the knights and yet, somehow, the one who has survived the longest. He will attack just about every problem with his sword, dive into battles he has nothing to do with, and come out of it smelling of roses - and blood.

Sir Beauregard was a young man when this began. Other knights teased him, calling him Beauregard the Pure, Beauregard the Chaste, even the more so when the wenches of the village were particularly accommodating to a pretty-faced young man. He has aged horribly since the zombies first showed up, losing much of his naivete and hope for life. He had to cut his way out of the castle, mowing down zombies that had once been peasants - and village wenches. Now Sir Beauregard's eyes are shadowed, and he has vowed to true purity until the scourge of zombies is ended.


Age                        12+

No. Players           2 - 6

Time                      60 - 120 mins

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