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Tokaido: 5th Anniversary Edition

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Welcome to Tokaido, the legendary East Sea route linking Kyotō to Edo.

In this game created by Antoine Bauza and illustrated by Naïade, travel the famous Tokaido route while attempting to make the most beautiful and accomplished journey. A new marvel from the famous Antoine Bauza, Tokaido is a course and collection board game for 2 to 5 players.

In Tokaido, players are travelers traveling the East Sea Route in search of knowledge and discovery.

Each traveler will have multiple opportunities to stop at the stations along the road, where they can buy souvenirs, meet new inhabitants or itinerants, pay their respects at temples, discover numerous culinary specialties, bathe in springs hot or even paint splendid panoramas.

Players will move in order from furthest to closest to the arrival point. Thus, the movement order will constantly change, while the places available on each station will be very limited, plunging players into a permanent dilemma.

The collections of each player as well as the points of each being permanently visible, you will have to know how to read the strategies of each and anticipate each movement by choosing whether you want to act to serve your interests, or to hinder those of other traveler's…

Adventure awaits!

With new artwork from Naïade, new graphics design for the cards, new panorama pictures for travelers to combine, and a fresh new graphical look, the Tokaido 5th Anniversary Edition will be both a new product that stands on its own while also continuing the tradition of elegance and beauty that everyone expects from this beloved brand!

Contents of the box

  • 1 rule book
  • 1 game board
  • 5 Traveler tokens
  • 5 Travel Point markers
  • 5 Bundle tokens
  • 50 coins
  • 60 Panorama cards
  • 12 Hot Springs cards
  • 25 Meal cards
  • 24 Souvenir cards
  • 14 encounter cards
  • 7 Achievements cards
  • 1 cloth bag
  • 10 Traveler tiles



Age                        8+

No. Players           2 - 5

Time                      45 mins

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