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Throw Throw Avocado

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This is a dodgeball card game.
You throw Avocados at each other.
It's the sequel to Throw Throw Burrito.

Throw Throw Avocado is unlike any card game you've played before.

In this dodgeball card game, go head to head with your opponents collecting cards while throwing and avoiding squishy, adorable Avocados. Play Throw Throw Avocado as a standalone sequel, or use the BONUS deck of cards included and combine them with the cards from Throw Throw Burrito to unlock a new combo game using all four throwables!

How it works


Place the throwable Avocados on the table and deal the cards.

Our Avocados are always ripe, never rotten (and made of super squishy soft foam).

Earn points by collecting three of a kind.

Find matches before anyone else does.


Play avocado cards and force your friends to battle

If someone gets hit by an Avocado, they lose points.

Duel to determine the winner.

During an avocado legs duel, players fling Avocados between their legs at each other.

Bonus cards included!

Play this game on its own or combine it with Throw Throw Burrito to create a new combo game!

  • A fun new sequel to Throw Throw Burrito, the world's first ever dodgeball card game.
  • Collect matching cards, earn points and throw avocados at one another.
  • A family friendly party game perfect for kids and adults with straightforward rules and easy to learn gameplay.
  • Includes 120 cards, instruction manual, 6 Avocado Boo Boos, 1 Fear Me Badge and 2 foam Avocados soft enough to throw at your Great-Aunt Martha.
  • Includes a BONUS combo pack of 36 cards that can be combined with your Throw Throw Burrito cards to play the ultimate, epic combo game.
  • Hilarious illustrations by Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal.


Throw Throw Avocado can be played on its own
but you can also combine it with

Throw Throw Burrito

to unlock a COMBO GAME.


Age                        7+

No. Players            2 - 6

Time                      15 mins


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