Tacto - Dino


Bring alive your favorite dinosaurs with Tacto Dino

Travel back in time with your tablet!

Unlock thrilling adventures and learn 100+ dino facts in story-based games.

For ages 4 - 8


3 ‘Dino-mite’ Reasons To Love Tacto Dino

A handful of dinosaurs, a screen full of fun

Unlock a treasure of games and stories with a tap of your favorite dinosaur figurine.

Learning, laughter, and hands-on play

Develop attention to detail, scientific thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Interactive adventures in prehistoric lands

Catch Markus the Mayhem and get back your time-traveling watch with the help of Ramone and his dinos!

How It Works

  1. Fix the four anti-slip frames on the sides of your tablet.
  2. Select a Dino game on the Tacto app to begin.
  3. Tap the figurines on the screen and make friends with your favorite dinosaurs!

In The Box

4 frames, 12 figurines
(2 player figurines, Velociraptor, Pteranodon, Brachiosaurus, Elasmosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Allosaurus, Oviraptor, Stegosaurus, T-Rex, Triceratops )

(Tablet not included)


Works with a range of tablets

  • iPad 5 and above (iPad 2 and iPad Mini 1 not supported)
  • Android tabs 7-inches and above, min 2GB RAM (Samsung Tab A not supported)
  • Fire HD 8 - 2018, 2020
  • Fire HD 10 - 2021
  • (Fire 7 not supported)

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