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STEM Adventure - Solderless Fun & Educational DIY Toys

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Fun & educational DIY toys

Easy-to-follow & safe assembly process with no soldering required

Ages 7+ | No prior knowledge needed!



 is a DIY game console that introduces users to the basics of coding and robotics

Embark on a journey down memory lane with Bit and explore the wonderful world of gaming nostalgia.

Introduce your kids to the timeless classics from the golden age of gaming.

This set includes a complimentary beginner-friendly coding application that allows users to code their own video games


  • coding in MicroPython
  • hardware assembly
  • creating video games
  • pixel art

Includes 3 pre-installed games and allows users to code their own games

Unlock the hidden gems

Connect Bit with CircuitMess Wacky Robots and use them to unlock new video games.

It’s like a gaming treasure hunt- with each new Wacky Robot, they’ll get a new video game!

By connecting BIT to Wacky Robots, users can unlock 9 unique additional games


Is a DIY robot car that comes equipped with photoresistors which allow it to move by following the light

Ride into STEM Adventures

Connect Wacky Robots to our Sparkly, a DIY robot car that moves by following the light.

Place your robots in Sparkly’s driver's seat and embark on an exciting journey!

Build Sparkly with your kids and raise a generation of innovators!

With its built-in photoresistors, Sparkly has the incredible ability to chase after light.

Think of these photoresistors as Sparkly’s eyes that help it spot and track down the source of light!


  • photoresistors
  • hardware assembly
  • light tracking

This set comes with detailed instructions and all the necessary tools and components

Connect Sparkly with the Wacky Robots crew

    Wacky Robots crew

    With each robot, your kid will dive into a new technological topic.

    You will teach them the secrets of robotics and electronics as you follow simple instructions and connect different parts.

    Artemis - LED technology, Electronic circuits

    Bob - Ohm's law and resistance, Light

    Buttons - Sound synthesis, Microchips

    Capacitron - Oscillators , Capacitors and capacitance

    Hertz - Sound waves, Sound synthesis

    Marv - Integrated circuits, Electronic circuits

    Mr. Bee - Electromagnetic fields, Motion

    Resistron - Integrated Circuits, Variable Resistors

    Robby - LED technology, Vibration sensors

    STEM Adventure Set (All-inclusive Set)

    1. BIT - Game Console 
    2. Sparky - Robot Car
    3. Wacky Robots crew (ALL)

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