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Many Hallow's moons had passed since the crescent Moon and Sun appeared on your palm, when the Septima had summoned you to attend the Witches' Sabbath. You thought back to the ensuing journey to Noctenburg, gathering other witches who also bore the mark. And now, the light of the last full Moon before Hallow's night spilling through the willow canopy falling on the circle of crystals, she must call to her those who will form the new covens.

Septima is a competitive, high-interaction strategy game of witchcraft. As the leader of a coven, you strive to overcome your rivals to become the worthy successor of Septima, the High Witch. You play through four Seasons, each consisting of five rounds, to gather a powerful coven of Witches and gain enough Wisdom points to become the worthy successor of the High Witch. You will accumulate Wisdom as you practice your craft in the superstitious town of Noctenburg: gather ingredients, brew powerful Potions, perform Rituals, heal the afflicted, and work in the shadows to turn suspicion and anger into support and acceptance.

Includes the Black Widow solo mode.

What's in the Box:

  • Standalone solo mode
  • 28 silkscreen-printed wooden components
  • 40 wooden meeples
  • 110+ cards
  • 230+ cardboard tokens
  • 32 character tiles
  • 16 plastic crystals
  • 4 plastic markers
  • 2 unique dice
  • 7  boards
  • 1 cloth bag


Age                        12+

No. Players           1 - 4

Time                      50 - 100 mins

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