Moroccan Mosaic Art Backgammon Set

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This backgammon is inspired from the Moroccan style, the new trend in decoration. Moroccan design is characterized by bold, vibrant color combinations and the layering of pattern and color through tile, rugs, lamps and furniture.
A Backgammon board ideal for those who like bold designs.

  • Wooden backgammon Colorful Diagonal Lines .
  • 30 x 36mm marbleized plastic checkers (15 black and 15 white)
  • 4 x 14mm dice.
  • 1 x 18mm black doubling cube
  • Handmade in Greece

Product Specifications

Size of closed board         48 x 25cm

Weight of set                     2 Kg



Age                        8+

No. Players           2

Time                      20+ mins

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