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Micro Construction Fleet

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Color: Construction Fleet (All 3)

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Small Toy Work Vehicle Set with realistic Lights & Sounds

  • Toy Vehicles: Small toy construction vehicles with lights and sounds for kids.
  • 3-piece Set: Comes with the Micro Dump Truck, Micro Crane Truck, and Micro Backhoe Loader.
  • Lights & Sounds: Features LED lights and realistic sounds.
  • Pieces Count: 3
  • Download instructions

Big day at the construction site? The Micro Construction Fleet from DRIVEN by Battat is here to help! This trio of toy construction vehicles includes a sturdy dump truck, a backhoe loader with two scoops, and a mighty crane truck that can reach the sky! Each of them have so many details, lights, and sounds to discover! Use the backhoe loader to dig soil, sand, or other toys from the playroom. Then, dump the contents into the dump truck and drive. Need to move a heavy load? Extend the crane on the crane truck, then use its hook to lift and pull whatever you need! Together, this dependable crew can get any job done. Recommended for kids 3 years old and up. Remember, stay DRIVEN because the crew depends on you!

Small Orange Backhoe Loader Toy Digger Truck

  • Toy Construction Truck: Toy digger truck for kids.
  • Movable Parts: Front shovel pivots, rear excavator arm moves, support legs fold out.
  • Realistic Feature: Makes lifelike engine sounds!
  • Dimensions: 7.00 inch x 3.14 inch x 3.33 inch
  • Pieces Count: 1

Dig it up and dump it out with DRIVEN by Battat’s Micro Series Backhoe Loader! This toy construction truck for kids is incredibly detailed, so it looks just like the real thing. The fully functional front-loading shovel scoops, and the rear excavator arm swivels for maximum digging capabilities. Need extra support for a tough job at the sandbox? Just unfold the support legs! This toy excavator truck even has a realistic-sounding engine to enhance your imaginary playtime. Remember to stay DRIVEN, because the crew depends on you!

Small Yellow Crane Truck Toy Construction Vehicle

  • Toy Truck: Toy crane truck for kids.
  • Movable Parts: Hood opens, doors open, support legs fold, and extendable crane swivels with retractable hook.
  • Realistic Features: Features lifelike lights and sounds!
  • Dimensions: 7.42 inch x 3.20 inch x 3.78 inch
  • Pieces Count: 1

Crew members can rely on you and the Micro Crane Truck from Driven by Battat to do the heavy lifting! This toy construction truck has an extendable crane that swivels so you can move materials around easily on the construction site. It also has a retractable hook, so lifting and lowering will be a breeze! But before you head out to work, make sure to open the hood to check the engine. The doors also open so you can check out the cool interiors! To ensure everyone’s safety on the construction site, turn on your headlights and honk the horn by pressing on the roof. You’ll also hear realistic engine noises! This toy crane truck even has folding support legs to help get the job done right. Remember: stay DRIVEN, because the crew depends on you!

Small Orange & Grey Dump Truck Toy Construction Vehicle

  • Toy Construction Vehicle: Toy dump truck with realistic lights and sounds for kids.
  • Movable Parts: Container tilts back, doors and hood open.
  • Sturdy Construction: Suitable for indoor and outdoor play.
  • Dimensions: 7.00 inch x 3.20 inch x 3.00 inch
  • Pieces Count: 1
  • Download instructions

Gear up for some 6-wheeled fun with DRIVEN by Battat’s toy dump truck for kids! This toy truck has tons of realistic details, so your little one can haul in a load of fun. Fill up the container with rocks and treasures, then tilt it back to dump it all out! Open the doors and hood to check out the detailed interior. You can also rev the engine, honk the horn, and turn on the headlights by pressing on the roof – so cool! With intricate truck details, soft tires, and classic good looks, this toy truck is the perfect gift for little crew members with huge imaginations. Are you DRIVEN? Because the crew depends on you.


Age                        3 + years

Note                      9 x AG13 batteries included (Set)

                                3 x AG13 batteries included (Individual)

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