LARQ Pitcher PureVis™ with Advanced Filter


Brilliantly clean water beyond filtration

Traditional pitchers collect unwanted pollutants in filters where they can quickly multiply and reverse contaminate your water.

The LARQ Pitcher goes beyond filtration with a unique 2-step filtration and purification process for pure-tasting water sip after sip.

Pure-tasting water

Pure-tasting water provides better-tasting coffee, tea, smoothies—everything—for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Don’t settle for anything less.

Filtration for all

Our innovative plant-based filters are independently tested to NSF/ANSI 42, 53 & 401 standards to be effective against a wide range of pollutants

Eliminate contaminants

The LARQ Pitcher PureVis eliminates a range of contaminants such as lead, mercury, PFAS / PFOS, HAA5, pharmaceuticals, VOCs and prevents bio-contaminant growth*

Neutralize contaminants

Proprietary PureVis technology improves the quality of your water by preventing bio-contaminant* growth.

Long-lasting filters

LARQ Filters last up to 50% longer than leading brands, filtering 60 gallons of water before the next replacement.

One LARQ Filter replaces more than 450+ standard single-use bottles. Better for the planet and your wallet.


The LARQ App

  • Intelligent filter life tracking based on your household water consumption.
  • Track your water intake. Your hydration goal is our hydration goal.

Technical specifications

  • Volume - 8-cup
  • Materia - BPA / BPS free polymer
  • Weigh - 36 oz
  • Technolog - PureVis™
  • Heigh - 10"
  • Charge time - 1 hour
  • Widt - 9.4"
  • Run time - Up to a month

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