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Habitats - Tile Laying Board Game

by allplay
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Build a beautiful nature preserve where visitors delight and animals thrive!

In Habitats, you'll drive your jeep around the board to pick up tiles for your preserve. Place them carefully to score.

"Just an absolute delight to play and look at. Easy to teach and learn. Always fun to play."

BGG User MPMelaunchthon

Welcome to the jungle! Habitats is a tile-laying game. Drive your jeep around and choose the best animals for your wildlife preserve. A successful preservation is more than just a working habitat. You'll also have to build tourist destinations, campgrounds, and watchtowers!

Your goals change every year and you’ll have to get what you need before other rangers snatch them up first!

Keep moving forward

Habitats is a game that moves both quickly and slowly - which is reflective of the dual strategy gameplay. First, you have to navigate to the tile you want. Second, you need to place the tile in the preserve, in a spot that makes the most sense.

It moves quick in the sense that other players can get the tiles you want before you can get them, but more slowly in the sense that in-between the public market moves, you can analyze both your place in the market as well as the layout of your preserve.

When you start the game, think about A) Not just your next move in the public market, but where you'd like your jeep to be 3 or 4 turns in advance. Sometimes a short sacrifice will position you for better tiles. B) How you can use point multipliers from watchtowers and photo spots to extend a lead or recover deficits.

How To Play

1. Take a Preserve Tile

You can only grab a tile directly in front of or to the sides of your jeep.

2. Drive Your Jeep

Move into the newly-empty space, pointing the jeep away from the previous space.

3. Draw A Preserve Tile

Grab one from the beautiful drawstring bag, placing it into the old spot.

4. Place The Tile And Score

Place in spaces adjacent to your existing tiles. Score points for accomplishing goals on your tiles and on the Year Track!


Age                        11+

No. Players           1 - 5

Time                      40 mins +

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