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Crank-Powered Train

by Hape
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Moves without batteries: Turn the crank to generate kinetic energy for the light and train to power themselves!

Forget about buying batteries! Just turn the crank on top of this unique engine to create all the power needed to drive it down the track. A small generator inside converts your muscle power into electricity through the process of magnetic induction.

Play Tips

1. Charge the engine’s battery by turning the crank on its roof as fast as you can. You should feel resistance and hear a whirring noise.
2. After several rounds of cranking, the engine will be ready to drive. Use the yellow button to make the engine drive forward or stop. The headlights turn on when the engine drives forward.
3. You can also select a neutral setting for free-wheeling play.


  • Crank-powered engine with headlights
  • Built-in batteries charged by kinetic energy – turn the crank to power the engine
  • Use the button on the roof to drive the engine forward and turn on its lights.
  • No need to keep buying batteries
  • Helps kids learn about generators and magnetic induction and enhances their understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) principles.


Age                        3+

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