CircuitPet - Build & code your own Digital Pet

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Bring Your Digital Pet To Life

CircuitPet is a DIY virtual pet similar to Tamagotchi. It will teach you about low power technology & game graphics.

Unlike other pets, you can take a break from CircuitPet.

But even a digital pet can break down if you leave it without love for too long. Don't let your duckie rust! 

Help him achieve his dreams by playing custom games to level up and launch him into the stars.

Ages 11+

No prior knowledge needed!

Learn STEM with CircuitPet

Hardware skills:

  1. Soldering & electronic components
  2. Microcomputers & microprocessors
  3. How game consoles work
  4. RTCs (real-time clocks)

Coding skills:

  1. How to animate characters & simulate physics in a video game
  2. Coding your own apps & games
  3. Basics of game graphics
  4. Low power & always-on technology

Getting started with coding has never been easier

You can code Spencer in CircuitBlocks – our custom-made code editor similar to Scratch that makes it easy for beginners to get into physical computing.

Learn More 

Easy to follow instructions

Anatomy guide

Learn about parts that make your game consoles work

Build guide

Step–by–step guide with 100+ photos

Usage guide

Tips & tricks on how to use your game consoles

Coding guide

Beginner–friendly with detailed instructions

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