Wacky Robots Bundle

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Become explorers & enter the exciting universe of quirky robots that will teach you about electronics with unique DIY STEM kits

Meet Wacky Robots

You will learn about motors with Mr. Bee, and about capacitors with Capacitron.

Marv teaches about pushbuttons and switches, while Resistron introduces Ohm’s law and resistance.

Last but not least, Bob will show you how light emitting diodes (LEDs) work. Disco fever can start!

Perfect for any curious mind

All our projects are tailored for beginners and require no prior knowledge or skills!

If you’re an experienced maker, you'll have a lot of fun tinkering with our customizable hardware & software

No soldering experience? No problem!

This starter kit will help you enter the world of electronics and polish your soldering skills.

Start with Wacky Robots to practice soldering and then move on to assembling your own game console.

Seriously fun

Wacky Robots can light up, sparkle, buzz and shine on your command

You can play with their cool features and show them off to your friends — enjoy all the buzzzzz!

Ages 9+

No prior knowledge needed!


Learn STEM with Wacky Robots

Hardware skills:

  1. Soldering & electronic components
  2. Electronic components
  3. How game consoles work
  4. The difference between a pushbutton & a switch

What’s in the box?

DIY Wacky Robots (5 Robot)
Get all the components you need to build, tinker & explore
Build guide
Easy-to-follow instructions for no hassle assembly
Collectable cards & stickers
Each robot comes with a collectable card that you can play with. Collect them all!

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