Tacto - Electronics


Toy and tinker away with Tacto Electronics

Build 50+ gadgets in story-based games.

Experiment with real figurines of battery, LED, wire & more in a shockproof lab on your tablet!

For Ages 6-12


3 Reasons To Love Tacto Electronics

Spark an interest in tinkering, for ages 6-12

The hands-on play experience enables children to explore and test ideas (that is at the heart of innovation).

3 exciting games for active play learning

Solve STEM puzzles in story-based settings. Begin with basics and ace advanced concepts at your own pace.

The world’s first shockproof circuit lab

100% child-safe since the tablet is the playground. Develops creative problem-solving and design thinking skills!

How It Works

  1. Fix the four anti-slip frames on the corners of your tablet.
  2. Select an Electronics game on the Tacto app to begin.
  3. Think, experiment, and build circuits using the figurines on screen!

In The Box

4 frames, 10 figurines (LED, Resistor, Wire Pen, Battery, Solar Panel, Multimeter, Speaker, Motor, LDR, Switch),  1 Storybook
(tablet not included)


Works with a range of tablets

  • iPad 5 and above (iPad 2 and iPad Mini 1 not supported)
  • Android tabs 7-inches and above, min 2GB RAM (Samsung Tab A not supported)
  • Fire HD 8 - 2018, 2020
  • Fire HD 10 - 2021
  • (Fire 7 not supported)

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