Synthia - Build & code your own Synth

Save 10%

Create A Custom Lightshow

Both Synhtia and Jay-D have onboard LEDs that you can combine in your own creative way.

Have fun hosting a disco party. Get schwifty!

Record Your Voice Into Synthia

You can record your own samples into Synthia with the help of a built-in MEMS microphone.

Wanna make a beat using the sound of your burps?Let’s do it! 

Ages 11+

No prior knowledge needed!

Learn STEM with Jay-D & Synthia

Hardware skills:

  1. Soldering & electronic components
  2. Microcomputers & microprocessors
  3. MEMS microphones & sound production
  4. Digital to analog conversion

 Coding skills:

  1. Coding in C++ & CircuitBlocks
  2. What are soundwaves & how to produce them
  3. Editing sound recordings
  4. How to code custom sound effects & light shows

Getting started with coding has never been easier

You can code Spencer in CircuitBlocks – our custom-made code editor similar to Scratch that makes it easy for beginners to get into physical computing.

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Coding guide

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