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Experienced nature observers bravely roam the area in search of plants, animals and various curiosities. They eagerly use their knowledge - in the meadows, among the grasses, they can spot small rodents, and since they are here, maybe a buzzard, a fox or even a viper will appear in a moment! 

Meadow is a board game in which players take the role of wanderers watching nature. Equipped with a map, they stroll through the picturesque surroundings, looking for inspiration and capturing breathtaking views. Players are driven by passion and curiosity, but also by competition for the title of the keenest nature observer! It will be awarded to whoever scores the most points from the observed species of animals and plants, landscapes and souvenirs collected from the hike. Competition continues by the fire, where players compete in achieving the goals of their expeditions.

During the game, players take turns placing path tokens on one of the two boards. Using the main board allows the player to acquire cards, but playing them requires certain conditions. Using the campfire board activates special actions that help in the implementation of individual strategies and gives the opportunity to achieve goals for which players will receive additional victory points.

In Meadow, players collect ground cards (animal life habitats), observation cards (specific species observed during the journey), landscape and discovery cards (views and interesting souvenirs from their trips). The winner scores the most points in the obtained sets of cards and on the campfire board.



Age                        10+

No. Players           1 - 4

Time                      60 - 90 mins

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