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Boardgaming Meetups in Singapore: Singapore Open Gaming at Ci Yuan CC.

Boardgaming Meetups in Singapore: Singapore Open Gaming at Ci Yuan CC.

Located in Ci Yuan CC in Hougang with a spacious design and new, clean facilities is The Singapore Open Gaming (SOG) Meetup. It is currently held regularly on the second Sunday of every month in room 04-01 from 1pm to 7pm and is completely FREE. That being said, it is always better to check the Singapore Boardgame Meetup page for any changes to the above.

The host of SOG is Wong Koi Hin, who has been running SOG for many a year. He has a welcoming, friendly demeanor and brings many a big bag of games as a games library for attendees to choose and play from.

Also, if you are new, do not be worried as the meetup regularly receives upwards of 40 plus people per session and there are always new and veteran gamers looking for people to game with. Just approach and ask if there is a spot available to join in. My personal advice is to reach the meetup early, while games are being set up as spots do get filled up quickly at the start of a session. 

The meetup also has many regulars who bring their own games to table and are more than willing to teach games too.  

The kind of games tabled at Ci Yuan also comes in many varieties and games styles. Such as luck based and narrative games like the above, Adventurers: Temple of Chac.

Or for example, the more strategic but short hour long game of World's Fair 1893. And fun fact, the player on the rightmost in the picture above, is one of the best Scrabble players in Singapore and ranks 30th currently in the world. 

If short games are not your thing. Longer games that can range over 3 hours are also available at SOG but these are usually arranged beforehand in the comments section of the meetup. 

One of the more unique factor of SOG is you are likely to see the spectacle that is a fully painted miniatures game in action too. The current game of choice above is Dust Tactics. 

And if that is not enough Geek Goodness for you. Even RPGs can be arranged in a separate quieter room if there is a Dungeon Master available and the host Koi is informed. 

So for your judgement, with a glowing review and pictorial evidence as provided above. What are you waiting for? RSVP to the next session and feel free to comment on the event's page if you got any queries. See you at the next SOG. 


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