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6 Pocket games that doesn't hurt your wallet

6 Pocket games that doesn't hurt your wallet

In a world where travelling to multiple places for almost any reason is probably a bad idea. Would it not be great if one could multitask at one location. For example have a coffee at Starbucks but also indulge in your board gaming hobby too on a small cafe table with your friends. But wait there's more, how about if these board games could literally fit in your pocket, are easily affordable so you can get more than one game at a time and whose rules could be taught in minutes. Too good to be true? Well, read on good reader. 

Mint Works

A micro game in your pocket with a satisfying amount of strategy and tactics. Mint Works was well received and got the company started to make more games in this mini mint series. 

On your turn you use mints to do actions on action cards, such as getting building plans, build plans from your hand, get more mints, etc.  Once someone has seven stars, the game ends and the person with the most points wins. 

Marvel: Infinity Gauntlet

Not only a popular IP but whose gameplay is also inspired by the world famous Love Letter micro game, although it plays quite different. 

In Marvel: Infinity Gauntlet, one player has to play as Thanos and the other players as the Avengers. The Avengers win if Thanos's health is reduced to zero but Thanos wins if the Avenger's collective health reaches zero or he collects all of the six infinity stones. On a player's turn, the avengers and Thanos will do an action based on the card they hold or one of the two if you are Thanos. The fun comes from the information one gets from the interaction of each card that is played. The small amount of cards making it easy to make a educated guess on what cards have an advantage. 

Mint Delivery

Another Mint game in the mini series is a pick up and deliver game called Mint Delivery. On your turn you have two actions, be it move, pick up, use special abilities, etc. As the game suggests, the whole game is about picking up and delivering orders to various cities. When you get to a city if you can fulfil a face up order, you get points. When the game ends, the person with the most points wins.


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Poketto Collection

For value for your buck, how about looking at the Poketto Collection. A series of three games in one pack, all of which can fit in your various pockets. The three games are The Blessed Dark, a up to four player competitive game of summoning demons, Castle Siege, a two player game of last standing castle wins and Starforge, a two player game of conquest, crafting and construction in the far flung future. Each of these games playing in about twenty minutes and with how small and fast they are, you probably can play all three in one session. 

Sushi Go

Another simple game that fits but in your back pocket is the world famous Sushi Go. A card drafting game that plays quickly and whose scoring is literally printed on every card you draft. On your turn, you draft one card at a time, passing the rest to the next player. You do this till all the cards in player's hands have been drafted and then score each type of sushi you have ordered in your tableau. You do this for three rounds and the person with the most points wins. 

A Fake Artist Goes to New York 

Another back pocket game but for an amazing up to 10 players for a party. Every game, one person writes a word on the erasable boards and one of these players has a X on it, making them the Fake Artist. Then players in turn order players will draw a single line to give a hint that they know what the word is twice. They do not want to draw the lines to be too clear though as if the Fake Artist can guess the word, the players still lose. A interesting party game that makes use of minimal components and play for a rousing good time.  


Zhou Huibin is a smith of words who majored in Philosophy & History from the University of Western Australia and whose life has followed the flow of his hobbies. He seeks continual contentment in his ponders, reading, writing, painting and board games which fills almost all of his time.
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