The Singaporean Dream: The New Normal Card Game


The Singaporean Dream: The New Normal is the latest edition of The Singaporean Dream, an interactive card game that lets you pay, steal, and sabo your way to be the perfect Singaporean.


  • New Personality Card: Safe Distancing Officer
  • New Dream Cards: Find a vaccine, Travel ban lifted, Gatherings above 5
  • New Action Cards featuring the most iconic moments of 2020: Circuit Breaker, #GE2020, and more
  • New collaborative gameplay so you can team up with other players to win!

Box includes:

  • 104 hand-drawn cards (7 Personality Cards, 17 Dream Cards, 22 Cash Cards, 52 Action Cards, 6 Party Cards)
  • 1 instruction sheet

Card Sleeves Pack include 104 CLEAR Card Sleeves


Age                        13+

No. Players           3-6

Time                      30 mins

Card Size               64mm x 90mm

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