Tale-Bot Pro Hands-on Coding Robot Set Education Edition

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Introducing Tale-Bot Pro - the ultimate smart robot that is both cute and intelligent! Featuring a colorful range of command buttons on the top, you can manipulate the robot to walk, draw, sing, dance, speak, and even record! With an Interactive map that provides a seamless learning experience, this robot is equipped to speak 11 languages and offer an interactive environment for coding enthusiasts.

Tale-Bot Pro is built to handle your most creative ideas with its ability to input up to 256 commands and record up to 30 seconds per audio file. The robot also comes with washable markers to draw shapes and three sets of accessories, compatible with Lego blocks. It's perfect for teaching commands, sequences, and loops, making learning an engaging experience. Let Tale-Bot Pro become your child's new favorite toy and watch as they learn and have fun at the same time.

Get now and experience the magic of storytelling and coding with Tale-Bot Pro!










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