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Robot Turtles, more than just another kid's programming game

Robot Turtles, more than just another kid's programming game

Education is one of the major concerns of having a child and in this modern age and learning to programme is seen as an asset to a child’s development too. Now there is a game that combines both and that game is Robot Turtles. This immensely popular visually pleasing boardgame for children ages 4 and up by Thinkfun is a game where you are trying to programme your turtle to get to a gem in the middle of the board. This is done via the use of cards telling the turtle to move and turn in specific directions. For the younger kids too, the game has a cute bug tile for the express reason that if the child programmes their turtle incorrectly, they can 'press' the bug to undo their last action card. Thus preventing a child from losing heart or getting frustrated if they were to make a mistake in the programming process. The game can also be made more challenging for older children with obstacles and such placed on the board.

The game has garnered many fans and praise as evident on it’s website That being said the best praise for the game to me is the one from Tom Vasel, who heads the DiceTower. The most popular boardgame review site on Youtube. The reason why is his heartfelt talk about how Robot Turtles worked with his 8year old daughter Clara who has development issues. As he observed, she was able to not only enjoy the game but learn from it too, which is most touching.

(Source from Boardgame Breakfast 37 from the Dice Tower Youtube Channel)
(Skip to 26:58 to see the video about Clara)  

If you would like to know more about how the game itself works to teach forward thinking and deductive reasoning on top of its programming core, then Tom explains it in the video below.


 (Source from The DiceTower Youtube Channel)
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