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Design a Fidget Spinner with your kids using the 3Doodler!

Design a Fidget Spinner with your kids using the 3Doodler!

Have you been pondering about ways to organise a family activity that gets everyone involved and where creativity is the theme? Then how about making the newest, coolest thing that has garnered the full attention of kids since Pokemon Go. The Fidget Spinner!

Now, you could probably go out and buy one like most people but because you're reading this article, I'm pretty sure you have something better in mind. So why not go one step further and make your own fidget spinners.

You might be wondering how? Well you're in luck! I happen to have the solution below.

STEP 1- Preparation and choosing a design

The first thing you will need are the ball-bearings and weights for your fidget spinners, a 3Doodler pen and some filaments. After which, depending on a chosen theme or individual interests, find a design that each person likes on the internet and then print it out.

Alternatively, you could encourage team-work by having family members discuss a theme and draw out designs of their own.

You can purchase your ball-bearings here.

Step 2- Plan your design and start the outline

After you have your chosen design, take your ball-bearings and weights and place them on your design, then draw around them. Take note that the ball-bearings and weights should be of equal distance from each another as if not, your spinner will not spin well.

STEP 3- Time to fill in your design

Once you have your completed design drawn out, switch on your 3Doodler* and start to outline and fill in the design with filament colours of your choice. Remember to leave a little space between your ball-bearings, weights and the outline so they fit into their spot easily later. 

*3Doodler tip:
Move the tip of the pen at roughly the same speed at which the plastic is exiting the pen to ensure smooth, consistent lines.

Step 4- Insert your Ball-Bearings and Weights

Next, carefully insert the ball-bearings and weights into your budding design then doodle around them to secure them in place.


Marvel at your family's creativity whilst everyone spins away. The possibilities, as you can see are endless with the 3Doodler. Why not design more fidget spinners tweaking the design as you go along. 

If you have more things you think you would like a tutorial on with the 3Doodler, send me a message and I will be happy to accommodate if possible and if you would like to learn some tips and tricks, I happen to conduct classes on how to use the 3Doodler to create several items. To find out more, contact me at

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