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Potato Pirates, a new Singapore Dish for the TableTop!

Potato Pirates, a new Singapore Dish for the TableTop!

The hardy potato, a vegetable so versatile, it has made it around the globe and into many dishes that have become world famous. So how about taking this star of the culinary world, making it irresistibly cute and mashing it into a board game that teaches basic coding?

Ta-Da! We get the Potato Pirates!

Potato Pirates is a card game for ages 6 and up which mixes logic, strategy and coding concepts in a carbo-loaded game.

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To start the game, you, as a Potato Pirate, will be assigned two ships along with 20 potato crew (10 on each ship) as well as 5 cards that let you power up your attacks and sabotage your enemies. On your turn, you will draw two cards from a common deck. With these cards, you will decide the fate of other potato pirates, be it roasting or looting them.

Alliances can be made but watch your back! Remember that you are dealing with pirates. Any ship that loses all its crew shall be sunk and the player is eliminated from the game. When the smoke clears, the last Potato Pirate standing will be the King of the Caribbean Sea.

So how does this teach coding to kids?

Coding concepts are like superpowers and they come into play in the form of control and surprise cards. These control cards give you the ability to make multiple attacks or sabotage your opponents. Through that, players will learn basic concepts of programming such as loops, conditionals, boolean logic and interrupts. If you want to know more about this game, I do suggest that you visit their website or their article Coding without Computers.

Craving for this yummy Singapore-based project? Potato Pirates will be launching on Kickstarter this August 2017. So strap on your logic sword belts, summon your best Jack Sparrow accent and be ready to rule the high seas by supporting the campaign at!   

Zhou Huibin is a smith of words who majored in Philosophy & History from the University of Western Australia and whose life has followed the flow of his hobbies. He seeks continual contentment in his ponders, reading, writing, painting and board games which fills almost all of his time.
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