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Playing it Old School in a Modern World

In today's world, the importance of technology is undeniable to a child's development but a balance and grounding on living outside of the virtual world is important too. Also, when a child creates and plays with something they created and can touch, there is a sense of pride and ownership that does not come with creating something in the computer. To this creative end, we introduce to you the products from Seedlings, which focuses on giving control of play to the child. Play which nourishes the creative side of a child. Here are our Seedling products we are proud to show off. 


Seedling's Mini Foosball set allows your child to build their own Foosball table and share it with friends over-friendly competition. 

Seedling Design Out Loud! If your child is tech savvy, let them trick out their computer with speakers that they built and designed themselves. 

Seedling Design your own Marble Maze. Another toy they can build themselves and can be left on the dining table for all to play. Let a child feel pride that their creation is being enjoyed by all. 

Design a Ping Pong Ball Launcher. Allow play time as a soldier, policeman or many a computer game character of their choice with a custom made gun of their design. 

Seedling Junior Doctor Kit. This comes with a real stethoscope and allows a child to discover how the human body works and write down their observations. 

Seedling My Ice Princess Crown. Let the creative side of your child crown themselves royalty in real life as in their dreams.  

Seedling Galaxy in a Jar. Decorate the home with a child's imagination with the exploration of space and ideas. 

Seedling Let it Snow Snow Globe. Let your home have the feeling of festivity year round with your child's happiness shining in a globe.  




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