Enabot Ebo SE

by Enabot
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Full house mobile monitoring | Remotely connects with your loved ones

Wire free | Auto-charging | 1080P | App control | Multi-users | Night vision | 2.4G&5G Wifi

Experience Innovation

Starlight Night Vision

High-definition infrared camera, clearly records every moment in life

Automatic Patrol

Set the cruise time point, EBO can patrol the whole house from the charging pile

24H fixed-point security recording

Real-time monitoring, support back-check, 24h comprehensive security companion

Abnormal video alarm/message push

Automatically detect in the EBO field of view, and push reminder information through the mobile APP.

  • Remote control + real-time image transmission monitor
  • Automatic recording whole-house cruise video (1080p/30fps), supported up to 24 times a day
  • Customisable automatic patrol time slots
  • Automatic recharging, no worry about EBO’s power
  • High Performance TOF Obstacle Avoidance
  • Charging time: 1 hour
  • Standby time: 2 hours
  • Dynamic Detection Alarm
  • 2.4 G / 5 G Wifi connection

EBO SE, intelligent Companion Robot

Accompanying and companioning are the eternal propositions of the family. If you go out a lot and have a caring member at home, then EBO SE must be suitable for your family.

Accompanying children: do not miss their growth, stay with them at any time.

To accompany the elderly: You accompany me to grow up, and I accompany you to grow old. Say goodbye to loneliness.

Accompanying pets: attract pets anytime, anywhere, say goodbye to loneliness.

Give a sense of security: regular cruises, reminders of changes, and give you a safe home.

Remote companionship, love is never absent

Remote control, hide and seek with children

EBO moves back and forth, left and right, with the crawler movement chassis and flexible rotation, it shuttle freely.

You may play hide and seek with your child even if you are not at home. You can check out where the child is at your fingertip.

1080P HD camera lens is clearly presented

SE is equipped with a 1080pHD camera, you may have video chat and play with your family, you can also take high-definition photos and videos and share them with one-click editing.

Two-way voice, one-way video

Two-way voice mode, communication is as smooth as a phone call.

One-way video, enables you to see your family up close.

Change reminder

News pushing, travel more at ease

Change reminder, EBO can set motion detection recording function,

It will automatically detect moving objects within the specified range of vision,

And push the transaction information through the APP in time.

Fixed-point security

External SD card supports video review

The machine monitors security within the visible range of the charging pile,

24H fixed-point recording can be set to protect family safety.

The data will be stored on a rolling basis, and the new content will automatically overwrite the previous content,

No need to clean up manually.

Multi-user login, caring is never absent

The main account can add/delete the sharing family members through APP,

To protect home and accompany the family together.

Automatic recharge

Play without interruption

When the power is lower than the minimum value, EBO will automatically return to the charging station to replenish power

Say goodbye to manual charging, let play truly uninterrupted.

Technical Parameters

Weight  |  285 grams

Size  |   9.6*9.6*8.9 CM

Battery  |   2500mAh, 3.7V

Wireless  |   WiFi 2.4G/ 5.2G

CPU   |   ARM A7@800MHz

TPU   |   0

Speed   |   0.6M/S

Camera   |   1080p@30fps 1920*1080

Storage    |   16GB MicroSD card (256GB in Max)

Real-time transmission    |   480p@30fps

IMU    |   6 axis IMU

TOF     |   50mm-1500mm

Infra-red sensor     |    5 pcs

CMOS      |    1080p@30fps 1920*1080

Brushless motor      |    0

Charge      |    Auto charging

Charging stand       |    5V @ 2A max

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