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Toys for 1-Year Olds

Research has shown that children learn best from hands-on play. As a parent, you can maximise your child’s playtime by introducing educational toys to them. Educational toys are an integral part of the development of your child, as they are designed to promote the development of intellectual and cognitive skills of children, nurture their creativity, and refine their fine and gross motor skills.

With a plethora of choices available, choosing the right type of educational toy that will

most benefit your child can be a confusing task. It is recommended that parents opt for open-ended toys or age-appropriate puzzles that help to stimulate their cognitive function.

Here at TOYTAG, we offer a wide selection of children’s educational games that will best suit the learning needs of your child. Shop from our website today!

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Chunky Clock Puzzle

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Put the colored shapes into their right places to complete the pretty insects. At the same time, you’ll be learning how a clock works! This colorfu...

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