Port Education

Port Education focuses on a lifelong journey – where the skills your child acquire today sets up a future of learning. How do we do this? Our education platform welcomes rigorous debate of what is relevant knowledge - through our open community, open-sourced syllabus and student review. We believe this is the right way to know what our children should learn.

What further sets us apart? Three things - professional skills education, government accreditation and deep community immersion.

With the IMDA Technology Skills Accelerator (TeSA) and SkillsFuture approvals for our organization, your child is exposed to learning that is well regulated and recommended for adults. If you want to be sure that your child is learning the best, we would too encourage you to join us in learning.

Technology and skills education have early obsolescence schedules – and for your child to progress, we always teach to unlearn what has been learnt.

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