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Top Educational Toy Stores in Singapore

Top Educational Toy Stores in Singapore


"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

 (Article has been updated for 2024)

A well know proverb that means, without time off from work or studying, a person becomes both bored and thus boring. However, as parents, we would want our child to excel in their studies that in return leads them to a better future. So how do we let them play and yet not let them indulge in dopey games or toys?

Don’t know how and where to start googling? Here are some places that you can try popping by to get educational toys that intrigues your child’s mind through play. 

#01 Learning Resources 

One of the most well-known brands in the educational toy space, Learning Resources carries more than 1100 educational toys and products that are suitable for toddlers and children of all ages. Their selection of products includes play and learning activity sets, manipulative and games.

Their line of products helps to build foundational skills for your children in areas like exploration, imagination and fun! Because of their experience and partnerships with top educators, they have also been able to develop many award-winning toys and products. 


Housing some of the most popular brands of educational toys in the world, TOYTAG's range of learning toys and games will show you exactly what it means to mix learning with fun. 

From learning about electricity and magnets to being creative with 3D printing pens and coding games, TOYTAG's specially curated set of toys are meant to engage and help kids learn in a fun and stimulating manner.

Providing both an offline and online experience, you can drop by their store to get a hands-on experience of the different toys and games, speak to their toy specialist for recommendations or just simply purchase online and have it delivered to your place!

Whether you are looking for a unique and practical birthday present or something meaningful for your child, you should definitely check TOYTAG out first.

#03 Toys"R"Us

There is little doubt that Toys"R"Us is one of the largest toy store chains in Singapore! We all know that at every kids’ party, there will be at least one present out there that is wrapped up in Toys"R"Us wrapping paper. When popular toy brands are mentioned, they are the toy store that naturally comes to our minds.

However, when it comes to educational toys or toys that are beneficial for a child’s learning, strangely enough, Toys"R"Us is often neglected in this field.

They do have a category for educational toys on their website. These educational toys are mostly electronics and require batteries to operate. If you are looking for something fun and engaging without having to spend a lot of time with your child to keep him entertained, this will be suitable for you.

#04 The Toy Folks

The Toy Folks is a family-owned toy store in Singapore that hosts a treasure trove of toys, crafts, children's books and activities where playtime is made meaningful. The Toy folks toys are handpicked for kids ages 0-12 from all around the world to inspire every kid to learn about themselves and the world around them while having tons of fun in the process.

#05 Playhao


Playhao advocates play- (play-well), achieving “A Life of Play” for children is important, for children to own lasting toys that make a difference in their lifetime. Toys that are open-ended, can continually develop as children grow, stimulate their senses and self-discovery, bond as a family, and create beautiful memories.

Be sure to check out their award-winning international brands that promote open-ended play: Magna-tiles, Plus Plus, Cuboro, Grimm's, Grapat, Abel, Sentosphere, Crazy Forts, Trigonos, Fagus, Lubulona, Waytoplay, Sumblox, Turing Tumble and many more.

#06 Nurture Craft

Focusing on the importance of teaching to think, Dr Henry, the CEO of the Nurture Craft Group feels that all parents and teacher should understand a child’s strength and nurture a child to reach his full potential.

With their wide collection of learning resources and manipulative, your child will be able to learn the alphabet, learn about colours and learn to count in a more fun and engaging way.

#07 Right To Learn

Right To Learn carries a category of educational toys that are catered for the later stage of development of your child (roughly 7 years and above). We were attracted to the scientific learning toys they have as compared to other toy shops in Singapore. If you are keen to expose your child towards the science area, getting toys that teach about the human anatomy, robotics, solar system or green science, Right To Learn has them all.

Another interesting category that caught our attention was “PDF Files”. If there are any mommies out there who are on a tight budget, Right To Learn provides soft copy of flashcards which cost less than 5SGD. You can purchase the content and print the pdf out as your own flashcards. Pretty memorable, right?

#08 Play N Learn

Founded in 1999, Play N Learn is one of the leading distributors of educational products in Singapore. They have a wide range of Science, Math, Craft Materials and IQ toys that will keep your child entertained for hours. Because of their commitment to quality, they also ensure that the toys they bring in are of the highest standards.

If you are a teacher and want to make your lessons a little more interesting for your students, the good news is that Play N Learn also carries a range of teaching resources to make your lessons more engaging and interesting. From electricity kits to giant skeletons, you can find them all here at Play N Learn.

#09 The Learning Store

The Learning Store has over 1,500 toys and games that support hands-on learning and activity-based learning. They partner with many well-known and reputable brands around the world such as Learning Resources, Educational Insights, GeoAustralia and TeacherZone to provide high quality and safe toys.

With more than 10 years of experience in this industry, they have also been able to produce more resources to suit our local context or academic syllabus. That is also why the toys are helpfully split into categories like English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Geography and much much more. 

#10 KYDZ

If you are not a fan of online shopping and prefer to be there to physically feel the toys with your child, KYDZ International is the perfect place for you. Many mommies assume that their kids will like the toys they buy but sometimes, this may not be true. At KYDZ, they have a showroom located at Bukit Merah for you to visit with your children. With the samples out there, it is good to gauge the quality of the toy and even have a feel if your children like them.

KYDZ has over 4000 educational toys for you to choose from ranging from puzzles to flashcards at very affordable prices. They are also one of the few toy stores in Singapore that have Chinese educational toys suitable to teach Chinese.

We especially like the section under “under 5 dollars” because it is perfect for mothers to make a bulk purchase of these toys for your 4-year-olds birthday party!

#11 New Age Kidz

With their belief that children learn best when they are relaxed and having fun, the founders of New Age Kidz constantly sources for toys that help to enhance creativity, stimulate curiosity and encourage bonding in children. 

Established in 2005, New Age Kidz has grown to become a trusted and reputable supplier of educational games and toys in Singapore. They provide a comprehensive selection of teaching aids and award-winning games and toys from all over the world and many of their toys have been accorded prestigious awards as well!

#12 Magic Forest

Driven by the lack of choice in affordable educational toys in Singapore, the founders of started to source for high-quality educational toys from around the world. Having expertise in childhood education too, the founders, who are parents themselves, understood and appreciated the importance of learning through play.

Their unique collection of toys that are safe and fun aim to stimulate the development of psychomotor and cognitive skills of toddlers and young children. From aesthetic sensibility to auditory stimulation, their educational toys are also wonderfully organised in terms of the experience you would like to create for your child and set them on the path to life-long learning.

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