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Boardgaming Meetups in Singapore: It's Time to Play! Event at Cheng San CC

Boardgaming Meetups in Singapore: It's Time to Play! Event at Cheng San CC

(Sourced from ghettosingapore) 

On the 18th of December 2016, a big gaming event filled the multi-purpose hall of Cheng San CC from 11am to 7pm for a charge of....FREE! Highlights of the event Included 3 competitions (Splendor, King of Tokyo and 7 Wonders) with prizes equaling to $690 in Toytag and CapitalLand vouchers, RPGs, miniature games, plenty of open gaming tables available for use and a copy of Acquire & Codenames: Pictures given away in a lucky draw sponsored by Toytag. 

Upon arriving and registering for the event, one received a custom made pin designed and made by the organizers themselves. 

After which you are then welcomed to the sight of a games library available to be played by attendees with friendly game masters at the ready to help teach the games if need be. I would also add that all of which were volunteers for the event and should be applauded for their hard work. 

Next up beside the administrative table is Char's Hanger, a hobby focus group on the use of airbrushes and paints to paint up beautiful scale models, most of which are Gundam related.

Move further down along the hall and you are greeted by the spectacle of miniature's combat in a tournament for the game Malifaux. 

And if you love miniatures and fantasy creatures are not your thing then how about alternate WWII Sci-Fi with Dust Tactics.

Then in a quieter corner of the hall was the RPG section of the event. One of which was about one of the most interesting races in fantasy, the Goblins.

But if boardgames are still your thing then no worries as there was a lot of that to be had. Here are a few highlights from the open gaming tables.

In the midst of all this more light hearted gaming the spirit of competition was being played out in the tournaments for Splendor, King of Tokyo and 7 Wonders. 

But all things must end and here are the 3 winners from each competition. The prizes being a mix of Toytag and CapitalLand vouchers. The 3rd place winner getting $50, 2nd getting $80 and first place getting $100 in vouchers. 


In order from left to right in 3rd is Mr Hoo Seng Chin, 2nd Mr Wai Chuan and 1st Mr Ng Yong Sheng.

King of Tokyo

In order from left to right in 3rd is Miss Lee Yuin Kuan, 2nd Mr Thomas Lau and 1st Mr Yao.

7 Wonders

In order from left to right in 3rd is Mr Yao, 2nd Mr Yi Sheng and in 1st Mr Ng Yong Sheng.

And lastly, the winners of the 2 FREE games by Toytag are Miss Lee Yuin Kuan for Codenames: Pictures and Mr Han Weiding for Acquire. As you can see from the wide smiles. I think the prizes were very much appreciated. 

And thus so comes to an end a very enjoyable day of non stop gaming, some attendees playing from start to finish and did not even eat till after the event.  As you can see we got a great community of gamers who selflessly put in their time and effort for the hobby and hopefully through this article, you will be inspired to join the Singapore Boardgame Meetup and Boardgamers at Cheng San Meetup and attend future sessions.

Lastly we again thank all the hardworking people like the volunteers and the host Xeno (Pictured below) who made this event happen and a great success!! 




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