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Local Designer Series: Dominic Huang  Designer of Queen of the Hill & more!

Local Designer Series: Dominic Huang Designer of Queen of the Hill & more!

Being a pioneer in any industry is a hard thing but a successful one is an even rarer one. This is the story of Dominic Huang. A veteran in the boardgame design scene in Singapore and whose insights in the industry are well noted. We asked him a few questions about his experience in designing boardgames.

1. Welcome to this designer series of articles. So if you  would be so kind as to introduce and tell our audience about yourself and your history in boardgame design?

I am Dominic Huang and am a father of 2 adorable kids and a long-time game designer who has worked with gaming giants such as Hasbro on many titles. My experience spans more than 10 years of industrial experience. My experience is also not just in boardgames but also for videogames for both console and PC. I have more than 4 products in the market and have sold almost 10K copies worldwide in the last 2 years. I also teach a fully certified Advanced Diploma courses in Game Design at a local private game University as well as conduct Master Classes and workshops.

2. What is the biggest challenge of making a boardgame in Singapore?

The biggest challenge is simple. The biggest market for boardgames is in the USA and Singapore is nowhere near U.S.A geographically. 

3. What kind of game would you recommend for a first-time designer? For example, card or boardgame, etc.

I would suggest a social game that taps on storytelling elements where players can get creative as there is no true balance to worry about in the design process but yet it stands a high chance of becoming popular.

4. From your experience, what is your biggest piece of practical advice for aspiring boardgame designers?

This is also another no-brainer. The shipping, period. Many do not know how expensive shipping is. Especially when boardgames can be quite heavy. Worse yet, people tend to think there is such a thing as 'free shipping' but in most cases the shipping is almost always already hidden in the cost of the product itself. 

Thank you Dominic for your great insights! So keep your eyes peeled for a look at Dominic's latest game on Kickstarter, Sweet Spot.

(Sourced from The New Paper)
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