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Big Heads Kros Board Games Equals Big Fun

Big Heads Kros Board Games Equals Big Fun

Do you like Anime, eye-catching Board Games, detailed pre-painted Chibi Miniatures and a easy ruleset that will see you and your friends up and playing in no time?  

Well if you do, then TOYTAG has two offerings that will pique your interest to rush down and enter the world of Kromaster. 

The world of Krosmaster is a fantasy world filled with magic, powerful but CUTE AS PIKACHU IN A HELLO KITTY ONESIE characters, creatures and demons fighting to assert that they are the very best, like no one ever was. And in today's article, not just in the art of combat but sports too!

First of these offerings is the 2-4 player Krosmaster Arena 2.0, which is the updated and new version of Krosmaster Arena released in 2012 and although the game has been updated, all the characters in the earlier edition are compatible with the 2.0 version and vice versa.

That being said if you have not played Krosmaster, the 2.0 version has an excellent tutorial system that will teach you the game step by step and on top of which help you to learn to play each character in 7 easy tutorials. Even then, the game is actually very simple. In summary, each of your characters have a certain amount of action points you can spend to move, attack and do other misc actions such as claiming rewards, etc. 

The action point system gives the game a depth of strategy and tactics yet there is also tension from the combat and some magical abilities that uses the wonderful custom dice provided in the game which shows hits, defence, lock and dodge symbols.  

Lastly, no game will be the same, especially if you have more characters which you can get from the second game we will be talking about below or the older Krosmaster sets and expansions. This is because you can draft or point buy your team of characters to mix and match abilities that will help you to gain victory in a myriad of dice rolling, action planning fun, all in your own style!


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Next up is the 2 player Boufbowl, which is the rugby/soccer like sport in the world of Krosmaster. Unlike Krosmater this game is a race to score 2 goals before the other player. 

Like Krosmaster Arena 2.0, all the characters in Boufbowl have cards that makes them compatible with Krosmaster and vice versa. The game is also simple to play and easy to learn with a quick play beginner mode which after you can upgrade your play experience to with the "Expert Mode". 

Play wise, Boufbowl plays even more simply than Krosmaster  2.0. You have 3 actions per team, which can be used to move, pass, tackle and other abilities, that can be enhanced by spending action cards that match the action your activated character is doing. And yes, tackles are done via dice rolls, so again tension abounds like in a real sports match!

Once you are comfortable with the game, you can then proceed to the expert mode that introduces coaches and the crowd watching the game!

The coaches provides each team with a character that can help the team to play better. This is done by discarding cards to the coach board but unlike the above can be any card from your hand. 

The other addition are the crowds which are cards you can buy that again supplement or improve your abilities but might be cheaper if you choose a player of a certain type such as runners. 

So that is a summary of the Krosmaster world games coming to our shores. If you have any interest in the above games or any other item from our catalogue, do feel free to contact us at! 

Zhou Huibin is a smith of words who majored in Philosophy & History from the University of Western Australia and whose life has followed the flow of his hobbies. He seeks continual contentment in his ponders, reading, writing, painting and board games which fills almost all of his time.
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