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Addressing the E-scooter safety issue

(Source from Electric Scooter Reviews Hub)
Here at TOYTAG, fun is our motto but safety is paramount. With the recent accidents involving E-Scooters in Singapore and it being a new mode of transport that is gaining much popularity here. There are still many gray areas as to how they should be used and any changes that are needed to make them legal. The solution we feel is to spread the knowledge on how to use E-Scooters safely and thus we have compiled some articles and government papers that we hope will clarify any questions one would have over the buying and use of E-Scooters or other such items of transport.
Firstly, lets start with a quick general guide as to the purchase and use of a PMD. This Straits Times article below lists 5 ways to stay safe on a E-Scooter. 
(Source from The Straits Times)

2nd is the recommendations from Singapore's Minister of Transport, which we feel is a very useful guide by the government of Singapore as to the recommended use of E-Scooters in the country. 

(Source from Today Online)

Lastly is a F.A.Q from Falcon P.E.V that can be useful for its information on E-Scooters in general. 

In conclusion, what we feel is the most useful overall advice when riding a E-Scooter is to be aware of one surroundings, follow the speed limits, slow down whenever possible, ride on the proper paths and give way to pedestrians. 

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