Always dreamt of being a mermaid? With these high-quality MerFins from Mahina Mermaid, you can now make your dream come true! Coming in many different vibrant colours, you are sure to find a design of your liking here.

These award-winning mermaid flippers are suitable for both kids and adults, and have received many positive reviews from their customers. The unique design serves to aid the user in having a fluid movement when swimming, while still preserving the appealing look of the product. Grab yours today!

MerFin Classic Aqua - TOYTAG
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MerFin Classic Aqua

Mahina Merfins

from $103.93

Junior MerFins are for ages 6yrs and up. They are perfect for the pool, or any natural gentle water environment. MerFins build water skills and con...

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from $103.93
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