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Top 10 Childhood Tabletop Games That You Can Still Play Online

Top 10 Childhood Tabletop Games That You Can Still Play Online

It’s easy to get swept up in the technology we have available today and end up feeling nostalgic for the games we used to play as a child. Tabletop games that we had to set up ourselves and would lead to hours of fun. It’s very likely you have fond memories of spending afternoons playing Monopoly with your family or even a few rounds of tabletop solitaire on your own.

The great thing about technology is it’s possible to combine that nostalgia with the use of tech we have available today like your laptop or your handphone. Tabletop games that you played as a child are available in apps and online all over.

Versions of solitaire and mahjong have taken over many websites. Some of them even have hundreds of different solitaire or mahjong options available to play. If you’ve been yearning for a little dose of your favorite games from your childhood you’re definitely in luck. Here’s a list of ten tabletop games from your childhood that now exist for you to play online whenever you want.

1. Solitaire

Just like you read about in the intro, online solitaire is a hugely popular game. It started with Windows making solitaire available on all of their computers. Soon everyone was playing regular solitaire or something like to pass the time. Now there are so many versions of solitaire online that it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the new options.

The great thing about online solitaire is that you don’t have to worry about setting up the cards. Just click a link and go. Sometimes the computer even moves cards like an ace without you having to do anything at all. Solitaire was already a quick play game but it’s even faster now. If you’re bored and only have a few minutes to kill, this is your new go-to online game.

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2. Mahjong

While you used to be stuck needing four players and a set of tiles specifically for this game, that’s no longer the case. Online Mahjong is almost as ubiquitous as online solitaire at this point. It’s easy to find with a simple Google search, and you can play games that last minutes or hours. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

There’s even a readily available version that mixes the rules of mahjong and solitaire for a “best of both worlds” situation. If you’ve already played a few rounds of solitaire and you’re ready to change things up, check out online mahjong. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Battleship

That’s right, you can play this classic game online any time you want. Your opponent will be a computer but that doesn’t always take all the fun out of things. The guessing and excitement of trying to sink the computer’s battleship still make this a really fun game to play.

There are a few websites you can play Battleship on, so try searching for “battleship game” and pick your favorite results to test out. It’s another quick game to play usually, and since you don’t have to worry about spilling hundreds of tiny pegs all over clean up is a breeze too.

4. Chess

Even as a kid you could’ve played this game on your own. A lot of chess players say their best opponent is themselves. Playing against a computer might be a close second, however. There are a lot of variations you could test out to play chess online. You can play anything from classic chess to 3D chess with just the click of your mouse.

5. Checkers

While we’re talking about basic but beloved board games we can’t forget about checkers. You can play checkers online at many different websites. Some are very basic versions that look just like the game you set up yourself. Others involve tons of graphics, interesting music, and even interactive storylines. No matter which option you choose you’re sure to enjoy this throwback classic game.

6. Sorry!

You read that right. You can play the childhood favorite, Sorry! online and there are some pretty cool ways to do it. Some versions just let you play against several other computer opponents. Others actually involve playing an online multiplayer version of this classic game. You can play other players from around the world who are all just as excited to experience a little nostalgia while they relax.

7. Scrabble

Since we’re already thinking about multiplayer online games that are online versions of our childhood favorites, we can’t forget Scrabble. Yes sometimes it goes by other names (like Words With Friends) but the basic gameplay remains the same. You can definitely find a few websites where you’re just playing a computer, but the multiplayer versions add a lot of new thrills.

8. Clue

Digitized versions of this super fun game have existed since before you could even find it online. SNES had a Clue game available to play in the early 90s but there was nothing quite like playing this murder mystery the old fashioned way. You can play Clue online, and even play a computer version of the SNES Clue too.

Whether it’s Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with the candlestick or Miss Scarlet looking suspicious, you’re sure to have some good (highly nostalgic) fun playing Clue once again. This game just never goes out of style.

9. Monopoly

All the fun and excitement of the original tabletop version is available online. Once again you’ll have the option to choose between computer opponents or a multiplayer experience. While playing a computer might save you some time, the real fun with playing Monopoly online is the multiplayer option. Everyone has a different strategy to win, and it will keep you on your toes.

10. Risk

Remember how vicious a good game of Risk could be? It can be that way online too. You can play versions that are done in real time, or ones that are turn-based. The turn-based games give you a chance to make a move and come back when you have more time to play, so if you’re busy but still want some board game fun, that’s a great thing.


No matter which classic game you choose to play you’ll have a great time. Solitaire and mahjong can be done quickly and on your own. Monopoly or Risk gives you a chance to experience new players’ style and strategic maneuvers. You might even get a chance to up your skill level for the next time you play the real deal. Give it a chance and go with your favourites. Enjoy!

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