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Overbooked - Become the next SIA with this locally made Board Game.

Overbooked - Become the next SIA with this locally made Board Game.

Well proven by the United Airlines debacle, planes get overbooked. 

Inspired by these events and his own flying experiences, local designer Daryl Chow who has upcoming games with international publishers like Z-Man Games, Hans Im Gluck and more has teamed up with local publisher Randomskill Games to bring you Overbooked

Overbooked sees you in the shoes of an airline booking passengers on a plane while still trying to keep them as happy as possible by adhering to their requests and prevent the lose-lose situation of overbookings. Will you become Singapore's Pride like Singapore Airlines or will you become a 2nd United Airlines? Find out with this fun little board game called Overbooked.  

Firstly, before we continue, what you will see in this article is a very much finished copy of the game but do note there might still be changes made during the Kickstarter campaign for the game coming Oct 18th.  

Now the first thing that will capture you with Overbooked is it's light-hearted artwork by Sandy Solihin and after you have admired the box cover for its artistic value, don't put it away as it is needed for the game. Just turn the box cover over and you are once again greeted by another great piece of colourful artwork which is used as a scoring track for the game. 

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Inside the box, you will then see the 4 player boards that parodies 3 world famous airlines and 1 particularly infamous one. The style of the boards is reminiscent of what you would see if you were picking your airline seats online. The plethora of coloured discs that comes with the game represents the passengers you want to keep happy.

They are as follows, firstly couples (red), who of course want to be together and do not want to be seated beside other couples, children (White) who have to be watched over by the people in seats to their North, South, East and West and of course lastly the different travelling group of friends (Green, Yellow, Blue), who want to be seated together as much as possible to take better group selfies. 

During your turn, it is as simple as choosing one of the Tetris like Passenger cards, placing one voucher cube for every card you choose to pass on to get the ideal passengers. Then you must place your passengers in that exact shape (rotating the shape is ok) of the card. You must place all of them and if you can't, you have to do the dreaded kick by removing an existing member of the flight to accommodate the new arrival. This passenger will obviously be unhappy and vent publicly online and thus is worth negative points at the end of the game. 

The game ends when one type of passenger pieces have run out and after every player has taken their turn for the round. Victory points are counted up for pleased customer types, voucher cubes, fully filled aisles and that total is deducted to any overbooked passengers. The person with the most points becomes the pride of the Airline world. 

The game plays in less than an hour even with 4 players and is a breeze to teach and play. By the end, you will also get a picture worthy view of the flight that you have helped to seat and it is either satisfying to have so many happy passengers or hilariously funny how many people you had to kick out of the plane to accommodate your first day on the job of course.

I have tried the game and was very much smiling at the ease of play and jokes made when a hard to please passenger situation turned up. The picture above was my flight that I played and I just happened to win as the best airline with Singa Airlines but that is not important...well a bit. 

The Kickstarter for Overbooked will be coming out in October and if you want to get in and book a seat on this great deal of a flight. Do remember to visit their Facebook for more details or better yet, meet the designer himself at the regular meetup he hosts with his fellow Cardboard Crew members at House of Commons on Fridays, details are found here

Zhou Huibin is a smith of words who majored in Philosophy & History from the University of Western Australia and whose life has followed the flow of his hobbies. He seeks continual contentment in his ponders, reading, writing, painting and board games which fills almost all of his time.
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