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How to do a Escape Room at home with no hassle

 (Source from Boardgame Replays Youtube Channel)

It’s the time for get togethers and if you want to spice your yearly meetup without hassle or breaking the bank. Why not turn one room of your home into an Escape Room for 3 to 8 people for 90 minutes. If that sounds like a lot of work then you are in luck as TOYTAG is proud to offer ESCAPE THE ROOM, Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor.

(Source from

The game comes with everything you need out of the box to be played once.  Best of all, it needs no setup or requires one person as a gamemaster. Usually, for Escape Rooms, prices can range on average to about $20 per person, thus at 8 people which our product accommodates, that would amount to about $160 not including other misc. charges. And how much does our Escape Room in a box cost? Just $27.94 before GST! The games's story also comes with several endings depending on how well you do. Thus what are you waiting for investigator, there is a mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor and you and your team are the ones to do it! Do let us know or post pictures on our Facebook page if you do take up the challenge.

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