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Top 15 Board Game Stores of Singapore!

Top 15 Board Game Stores of Singapore!

Board Games are in their golden age for both quality and design but where should you get these board games in Sunny Singapore? Not to worry, we are here to help!

Battle Quarters

Battle Quarters is a store located in the East of Singapore whose focus is on board and miniature games with unique offerings for their miniature line with less easily found titles such as Star Wars, Bolt Action, Infinity and Dust 1947. And not only do they provide a space to play but they also provide painting services for your miniatures if you are too busy to do so yourself!

Address: 63 East Coast Road, # 01 - 03 Singapore 428776

Phone: +65 6909 3493


Warhammer - Red House 

The flagship store in Singapore for the world famous Warhammer brand by Games Workshop. It is a centre for all things Warhammer in Singapore with gaming space, events, painting contests and community events. If you have any interest in anything Games Workshop related. It is safe to say that Red House is a place you will have to make a pilgrimage to. 

Address: Red House, #01-04, 63 East Coast Road, Singapore, 428776

Phone: +65 9771 2868

FaceBook: WarhammerRedHouse

Warhammer - Tiong Bahru

The second Warhammer store in Singapore which serves as a hub for the Warhammer brand in the South/Central side of the country.  It serves as a place to game, meet friends and join into a dedicated community of Games Workshop fans. 

Address: 55 Tiong Bahru Road, #01-47, Singapore 160055

Phone: +65 8118 3111

FaceBook: WarhammerTiongBahru


Sunny Pair O Dice

A spot in the South/Central of Singapore that supports the gaming culture with a weekly regular meetup for board games and sessions for Roleplaying Games such as Dungeon & Dragons. A well-structured gaming calendar which is consistent and regular. Feel free to call them to find out what are the best time for you to pop by and cover your gaming needs, 

Address: 321 Alexandra Rd, #03-06, Singapore 159971

Phone: +65 8748 3423

FaceBook: sunnyPairODice


TOYTAG is an educational toy and board games store that provides space for gaming and educational workshops. Offering a large selection of board game titles from various publishers such as Blue Orange, Ankama, CMON, Fantasy Flight etc and many toys known worldwide for their educational yet fun factor. It is not hard to say that you will not find something that finds your fancy at TOYTAG. 

Address: 201 Henderson Road, #06-02/03, Apex @Henderson, Singapore 159545

Phone: +65 6276 7268 




A dream by a few people that turned into a thriving business with now three locations at Scape, Prinsep street and Tampines. It offers a variety of geek culture such as board games and video games or just a place to relax if games of any kind are in your field of interest. They also provide events planning and execution for 100-1000 people and have even published their first game called Dream Catchers.  

Address: 2 Orchard Link, #03-02, Singapore 237978 

Phone: +65 6634 3065



The Mind Cafe

Located at Prinsep Street, The Mind Cafe is a place to play, eat and make merry with facilitators available too that will teach you games from their vast collection. Also, you can reserve tables from their website to make sure you get a seat and even book the premises for events. An old staple for board game cafes in Singapore, give it a go.

Address: 60A Prinsep Street, 188664

Phone: +65 63344426



Settler's Cafe

Holding the title of the first board game cafe in Singapore and even winning the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award before. Settlers is a cafe that is known for not only its game collection but also its menu, with promotions for wine gaming, student gaming, chill and play gaming, dessert gaming, tapas gaming, etc. A variety of ways to game with a variety of games from a old staple in the board gaming world in Singapore. 

Address: 39 North Canal Road S059295

Phone: +65 65350435



King and the Pawn

South of Singapore there is the new player to the board game cafe scene. Along with the regular games library and game gurus, there is also a strong focus on a bar and cafe aspect too. With signature dishes like Spiced Apple French Toast with Salted Caramel and Truffled Honey Croque Madame, this might be a time to take in the food as much as the games. 

Address: 24 Purvis Street, Level 2, Singapore 188601

Phone: +65 6259 1913



Gamersaurus Rex

The cutely named Gamersauraus Rex is a store that encompasses the gambit of popular titles of the board gaming world with Magic the Gathering, Warhammer and select board games. Although they do have other titles, it is safe to say that Magic and Warhammer are the staples of the store's popularity on any given day. 

Address: 220 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574352

Phone: +65 8693 1060



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Battle Bunker is a store in Bugis which caters to selling card, collectables and miniature games. Carrying titles such as the DragonBall Super Card Game, Magic the Gathering, of course, Warhammer, etc. and a wide variety of board games. The store also holds tournaments for many games, has a large amount of table space one can play at for a small fee of buying a drink and have games for rent.  

Address: 201 Victoria Street #03-16/17, BUGIS+, Singapore 188067

Phone: +65 6509 4011 



Toy Station

Not only does Toy Station carry the modern board game fair but they also have a focus on hands on play with products such as Lego, Nano-blocks, crazy putty and such. It is a store any family no matter their level of board gaming should visit and caters to play in many ways. 

Address: 10 Jalan Serene, #02-09/10/11, Serene Centre, 258748

Phone: 6468 3054



Team Board Game

Team Board Game is a board gaming store, which has its focus on modern designer board games. Not only a seller, they also wish to create a community and thus have space provided with tables for rent for any who wish to indulge in the board gaming hobby in person. 

Address: 16 Arumugam Road, #06-07, LTC Building D, Singapore 409961

Phone: +65 9856 2565 (SMS and WhatsApp only)



Dueller's Point

Dueller's Point is a store in the Hougang heartland which caters to selling all kinds of card games, including Magic the Gathering and miniature and board games. With a large amount of table space to play for free and games to rent, it is not surprising to see the store continue to do well in this growing hobby market.  

Address: Blk 450 Hougang Ave 10, #B1-541, Singapore 530450

Phone: +65 9476 6080



Paradigm Infinitum 

Paradigm Infinitum is a store in Orchard which has existed a bit with different names over the years to become a store well known for its dedicated crowd of supporters in the Singaporean hobby space. Carrying card, miniature and board games as their bread and butter, they have also recently held RPG events in store. 

Address: 220 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238852

Phone: +65 6734 3858

FaceBook: GamesAtPi

Know any other places that we didn't mention? Leave a comment below to let us know about them!

Zhou Huibin is a smith of words who majored in Philosophy & History from the University of Western Australia and whose life has followed the flow of his hobbies. He seeks continual contentment in his ponders, reading, writing, painting and board games which fills almost all of his time.
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