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Get Brainy.. Set.. Go!

Get Brainy.. Set.. Go!

Archaeologists date the oldest discovered abstract game called Senet found in Egypt to about 3500 B.C. . Since then though, abstract games have lost none of it's draw and luster for gamers. Case and point being that chess is the most played game in Toytag's Harbourfront store. Thus included and beyond the perennial classic that is chess, and here are 6 abstract games that will never get old in your home.

Brain Series Classic Chess Set


First is the perennial classic itself, Chess. With its popularity, there is little need to say that Chess is a fun game to play. The set we have at Toytag have fully magnetised pieces and holds onto the board strongly but yet are not hard to pick up. Thus, making it a great travel set for chess players of all ages. 


Quoridor is for 2 or 4 players and your goal is to stop the opponents pawn from getting to your end of the board. This is done by placing walls to slow your opponent down instead of moving your pawn. A quick and simple game of strategy that catches the eye of people walking by. 


Hive is the colourful game with hex pieces that hit the table with a satisfying feeling. The goal of the game is to completely surround the opponent's queen bee. This is done via the use of 11 tiles of 5 different insects, each of which moves differently. A game of great strategy yet has a look that draws in even kids to try the game.


Gobblet has astonishingly simple rules but endless strategy options, The goal is to line up four of your pieces in a row on the board. The unique factor of the game is that you can cover or reveal pieces on the board by picking up or using the bigger hollow pieces. The fact that you are also not allowed to look at the pieces inside the hollowed ones also means that the board state can change quite a bit with one move. Thus, not only logic but memory is a big factor in the game. 

Qwirkle 10th Anniversary

A game so successful, it has lasted over a decade. Qwirkle is simply matching colours and shapes and scoring rows and columns of the same symbols. Simple as the rules are, to win one must be both tactically sound and have a long term strategy. Colourful and good for a fun time for causal and more serious gamers alike. 

The Laser Game: Khet 2.0

The unique factor of Khet 2.0 is Lasers! That and the pieces need not be next to each other to kill another player's pieces like most abstract games. Rather a laser is used and depending on the how the mirrored surfaces of the pieces are aligned, the laser will travel and 'kill' a piece that is hit on a non-mirrored surface. And if that piece is the enemy pharaoh, you win. Khet, a game of strategy, uniqueness and...Lasers!



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