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4 Best Brain Games to Keep Your Child Learning Throughout Summer

4 Best Brain Games to Keep Your Child Learning Throughout Summer

Summer is fast approaching and kids across the globe are getting ready to forbid learning for the next couple of months. As parents, simply thinking about the kids being off for the summer is exhausting and then, it becomes quite concerning. When your kids aren't spending their days at summer camp, they'll likely be lazy, indoors, and playing video games. Oh, how times have changed. Children don’t spend their free time exploring the great outdoors like you used to in the good ole’ days

Fortunately, there are many games for kids that are just as educational as they are entertaining.  And as the saying goes, “if you don’t use it you lose it”. So, let’s make sure your child uses his or her noggin this summer. Keep their mind sharp and active with these brain games.    

Zip It for High Speed Entertainment

No parent wants summer to feel like school for their child but no parent wants their child to waste the months away playing a video game either.  So, the key is to find games for kids that are highly entertaining and just as educational.

 Zip It is one of those games for kids. It's a fun, educational game that's similar to Scattegories, only designed for kids. Zip it is a two-player game where they race to create as many words as possible, which keeps the energy and learning exciting. As a bonus, the pouch makes this brain game perfect for those long road trips to your next summer vacation.

Keep a Young Mind Sharp Throughout Summer with Rush Hour

For the kids who really like to put their brain to the test, you have to get them Rush Hour. This game is ideal for kids 8 and up – and yes, even adults enjoy playing it just as much as the young ones.

It's equipped with 80 challenges, so it's not one of those educational games your child will get sick of the next time something cool pops up on the television screen. Since it is so progressive and versatile, this brain game can also be used to keep the mind sharp and active for many more summers to come. Children simply don’t grow out of this kind of fun.  

Keep the Brain Buzzing with HexHive

 Some of the best brain games are the one where kids have no idea they’re learning. After all, we’ve all heard the, “I don’t want to go to school,” or “…but learning sucks.” So, it’s important to disguise learning opportunities every chance you get – especially during the summer months when most kids aren’t excited about anything associated with the words “education”.

HexHive is one of those brain games. The learning aspects are masked by the entertainment of the game. Your child uses the pieces to strengthen their logic, concentration, and math skills while building a hive at the same time. There’s also many expansion pieces available, so your little one is certain to never get bored of these brain games.    

The Never-Ending Puzzle for Never-Ending Education

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Kids love puzzles. There’s no other way to say it. As soon as a child gains control of their motor skills, they're reaching for those puzzle pieces and they'll continue to do so as long as the puzzle is a challenge. However, replacing puzzles every time they have memorized each pieces’ position can get expensive.  

Fortunately, you have the Yottsugo brain game - a puzzle that never ends. It incorporates spelling into to the mix to enhance the educational value of the game. As for the fun, it comes from the Clue Book. Each clue results in your child rearranging the pieces and building new words. So, the game never ends and it never gets old. 


These brain games for kids don’t even begin to skim the surface. ToyTag has educational games hidden in forms of entertainment for every age group. Whether your child is a visual learner, auditory learner, read-write learner or a Kinesthetic Learner, there’s many options that’ll help keep their mind sharp throughout the summer season. So, don't let them waste away in video games and grab your educational toys and brain teasers today. 



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