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3Doodler - The World's First and Best 3D Pen

3Doodler - The World's First and Best 3D Pen

The age of 3D printing is upon us but often doesn't come cheap if you're planning to own one of those easy to use 3D printers. So if you are still interested in the medium for you or your family but do not want to break the bank doing so. Then let me introduce you to 3Doodler.  

3Doodler is the award-winning 3D printing pen that has enthralled the creative minds of children and adults alike in the creation of some amazing pieces of art. The best of which are featured in their yearly 3Doodler Contests with prizes amounting to U.S.$7000 in 8 categories. Below are 2 examples from 2015.

The way this marvel of technology works is by inserting the filament into the 3Doodler pen and through the use of heat generated within the pen will melt the filament into a molten form that one can manipulate with the movement of the pen. The variety of filament colours and properties ensures you'll always find the suitable materials for your next 3Doodler project.

There are two type of pens, both available at TOYTAG, 3Doodler Create for ages 14 and up at $149 and the 3Doodler Start for younger children ages 8 and up which goes at a smaller price tag of $79.90. So what are you waiting for, embrace you or your child's creative side and get doodling! 
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