Zombicide Invader: Plastic Token Pack


Let's bling out our games with that space-age material: plastic!

Provides players 91 plastic tokens so that they don't need to use any cardboard ones in their game! This set contains the various token types found in Invader, Black Ops, and Dark Side, which means you'll have enough plastic tokens to setup any Mission contained in any of these boxes.

The Plastic Token Pack contains:

  • 1 Exit Point Token
  • 1 First Player Token
  • 2 Machine Activation Tokens
  • 18 Noise Tokens
  • 16 Objective Tokens
  • 4 Prototype Weapon Tokens
  • 1 Camouflage Token
  • 13 Xenos Spawn Tokens
  • 20 Mold Tokens
  • 15 Pit Tokens


Age                        14+

No. Players           1 - 6

Time                      60 mins

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